15 ways Ayurvedic knowledge can change your life


If you're already a student of Ayurveda, you know first-hand how this profound health science improves your life. But for those of us just starting to crack its surface and contemplating diving deeper into study, the ancient wisdom might seem vast & intimidating. You may be wondering - what does it accomplish? What makes it special? Here are some of the reasons! Read more >





Allow your breath to warm you


Surya Bhedana is a warming pranayama, or breathwork, focused on one nostril: the right. Surya, or sun, refers to the right nostril of the nose, which is connected to the Pingala nadi of the body. Bhedana means to pierce or pass through. By closing one nostril and forcing prana to pass through just one side, a warming affect is achieved on the body - appropriate for correcting an imbalanced coolness, which is more common during the cooler Vata and Kapha seasons. Read more >




9 ways to build a career in Ayurveda


The Ayurvedic industry is an exciting place to be right now. With an increasing demand for Ayurvedic resources and products, pioneers in holistic health can create rewarding careers in a number of traditional ways. Yet the need for sustainable solutions applies to all of us - no matter what industry we might be in. Thanks to the universal quality of Ayurveda's philosophy, the possibilities are endless for applying it to your career!

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5 ways to refresh and reboot the mind


Focusing intensely can be a joyous and productive experience - for a certain amount of time. Depending on the time of day, our levels of stress, what we have eaten - the list goes on - we all need to "reboot" the mind. In addition to providing a resurgence of needed energy, these refreshing techniques can also help unblock energetic channels and neural pathways which previously limited thinking and productivity, opening us up to new possibilities and solutions.

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Natural lasting solutions for heart health & metabolism


Blending the best from the east and west, learn how Traditional Indian Medicine (TIM) and conventional medicine together explain how metabolic disorders like diabetes, hypertension, obesity and heart conditions originate, plus how - in their early stages - both the problem AND solution lie in the choices we make in nutrition, lifestyle and life attitude. Discover how simple, effective and scientifically supported solutions from TIM and Yoga can help you. You’ll become acquainted with practical solutions which you can begin applying right away! Watch the recording >




Relieve tension anytime, anyplace


Discover an easy method for deep relaxation and tension relief that you can use wherever you are. Whether you are at work, home or traveling, knowing how to connect with your body and bring yourself into a space of greater peace is one of the greatest tools in your Ayurvedic kit! Read more >







Top spices to ground, nurture and balance in the cold weather


Spices play an important role in a dish. Spices enhance the flavor of a dish, though they have the capacity to do much more than taste good. Indian cuisine has a variety of the healthiest traditional spices. Some spices are used year-round, though may or not be particularly beneficial during a particular season. During the colder months, red pepper, black pepper, cumin and garlic make a seasonal spice medley to boost health and stay balanced. Read more >




Boost your immunity with spicy flavorful kadha


This easy recipe can be used throughout the fall and winter seasons to boost immunity and help with seasonal allergies. Read more >







Evaluate your unique body constitution - take the Dosha quiz


Discover one of the fundamental philosophys of Ayurveda known as Tridoshas, which provides the basic analysis for understanding a person's unique health needs. Once you understand your Doshic balance, you can begin to apply the Ayurvedic lifestyle principles in a personalized way that supports your own health. Take the quiz >