Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner Certification Program (AWP)

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Spring Session 2018

Begins May 1, 2018 in Fremont, CA & Live Streamed*

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*All of our classes are live streamed and recorded. Classes are broadcast over the internet so students may interact live with faculty & fellow students in a classroom setting from the convenience of their home!



Who Should Take This Course


The prerequisite for this program is a certification at the 625-hour Counselor or Consultant level, either Kerala Ayurveda Academy's Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor (AWC) certification or an equivalent from another school. The total accumulative hours once the AWP program is completed is 1,625 in total.


Professional Possibilities with Ayurveda

  • Licensed Healthcare Practitioners & Healers from all backgrounds can apply their Ayurvedic knowledge to enhance their current practice.
  • Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers can open Panchakarma centers or apply Ayurveda to enhance their practice.
  • Estheticians in skin and beauty may enhance their treatments, services and products.
  • Freelance Writers may launch Ayurvedic publications.
  • Research-savvy Students may get involved in Ayurvedic research projects. The Office of Alternative Medicine funds many research projects in holistic healthcare.
  • Entrepreneurs may develop Ayurvedic herbal products, food packages, Ayurvedic cosmetics, or open wellness centers, spas or resorts.
  • Students in Academics may teach or deepen their education with more continued studies. Kerala Ayurveda Academy offers advanced programs in continued education in the U.S. as well as programs in Kerala Ayurveda Academic Facilities in Cochin and Bangalore, India.


Scope of Practice

Upon graduation, Ayurvedic Practioners are able to:

  • Perform Health History intakes, Ayurvedic Nutritional & Lifestyle consultations
  • Determine and analyze a client’s unique Body Constitution
  • Suggest food and lifestyle changes
  • Recommend personalized Ayurvedic Therapies, Home Remedies, Yoga & Pranayama
  • Explain, offer talks, write articles and offer classes on Ayurvedic concepts


Program Overview

The Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner 1000-hour certification is based on the second goal of Ayurveda – Aaturasya Vikara Prashamanam (Disease Management). In this program, the education emphasis is on the disease process and Ayurvedic management of the stages of disease. A certification of completion is awarded after the 1000 hours are completed.



The AWP curriculum is designed to help students in advanced clinical study of the foundations of theory and practice by building on the skills learned in the AWC program. At this level, students are taught and trained in clinical assessment of the disease process, the pathways of disease and management protocols in different stages of disease. With guided references to Ayurvedic texts, presentations, and case studies, the students gain confidence and consistency in understanding the etiological factors that contribute to the nature and structure of any disease. With this knowledge, they will become skilled independent practitioners adept at creating management plans for different stages of disorders.


Kerala Ayurveda offers a premier faculty of doctors with a plethora of expertise and experience in teaching, research, and practice in several clinical settings, including Ayurvedic hospitals and centers in India.


In-Class & Convenient Online Learning

With a robust e-learning system, Kerala Ayurveda Academy connects a global community of students of Ayurveda, providing them with ease and flexibility of home study. In-Class sessions are held at Kerala Ayurveda Academy & Wellness Center in Fremont, CA and satellite locations across the U.S.


All classes are live streamed and recorded for distance learning online. Whether students choose to participate in-class or online, they may revisit the on-line archived classes later at their convenience.



  • 1 Year - 1,000 Total Hours
  • 10 Weekend Intensives - In-Class or Live Streamed*
  • 50 Weekly Virtual Classes*
  • Online Recorded Lectures, Chikitsa Consultations, Research Paper & Home Study**
  • Clinical Internship - U.S. and India options


*Weekend Intensives & Weekly Virtual Classes are all live streamed and recorded for later viewing.

**Internet connection required.


Clinical Internship - U.S. & India

The Clinical Internship programs are a flagship of the Academy. Mandatory internships for the AWP program are offered in both the U.S and India with the option to choose either or both, during which students experience all aspects of clinical training in Kerala Ayurveda's operating wellness centers. Learn from Kerala practitioners through observation and assistance at training centers and offsite opportunities in the community.


Student & Alumni Services

At Kerala Ayurveda Academy, our students are for life! Guidance and support is available through completion of the program and beyond.


During the AWP program

  • During the live streamed classes, online students are able to interact directly with Class Moderators and Faculty
  • Mentors are assigned to all students so they can receive guidance and support from Kerala Ayurveda's seasoned practitioners
  • Student Support is available anytime to assist with educational service planning and tuition management


Alumni benefits include

  • Continued access to E-Learning Course Content & Weekly Classes
    • Includes the most up-to-date manuals and study guides
    • Weekly Virtual Classes - live or view their recordings anytime
  • Alumni Discounts
    • 25% off Consultations with Kerala Ayurveda USA Director, Dr. Jayarajan Kodikannath
    • 10% off KAA Therapies & Panchakarma (on-site)
    • 25% off Products
    • 50% Wholesale - 12+ Supplements & Oils, Suveda line only)* *0 % tax for Resellers only
  • Feature listing in our online Ayurvedic health provider database - coming soon!


Learn more about Alumni Services here, where you can register to join our upcoming webinars to learn more about programs in Continuing Education with Academy Director, Dr. Jayarajan Kodikannath!


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