Ayurvedic Skin & Beauty Workshop

Milpitas, CA & Live Streamed with Revathi Raghavan
June 16-17, 2018 from 9am-5:30pm
Approved PACE program by NAMA: 14 credits



Healthy skin, healthy within!

When we look at babies, we appreciate and enjoy the beauty of their soft, supple and tender skin undamaged by exposure to the outer world. As we grow older, environmental toxins, harmful topical applications and sun exposure all take a toll on our skin. Internal factors including improper foods and stressful lifestyles challenge the immune system reflecting on the health of our skin. In this workshop, we learn to nourish our skin internally and externally to reveal inner radiance.


Join Revathi Raghavan for a workshop that includes hands on training of unique Ayurvedic practices to enhance the beauty at all levels.


Topics include:


Hair Care

  • Preparation and application of hair oil, natural shampoo and conditioner
  • Ayurvedic remedies for hair problems – hairfall, dandruff, greying, split ends
  • Protection of hair through “dhoomam”
  • Do’s and don’ts for healthy hair


Face Care

  • Preparation and application of face cleanse, face pack, toner, moisturizer
  • Ayurvedic remedies for acne, skin blemishes, wrinkles, freckles, tags
  • Marma points for radiant face
  • Eye care – kajal making (ayurvedic eyeliner preparation)
  • Lip care


Body Care

  • Ayurvedic exfoliation – recipes and practice
  • Ayurvedic body sculpting
  • Ayurvedic bathing techniques for beauty enhancement
  • Remedies for cellulite, stretch marks, scars and rashes
  • Ayurvedic approach to sunscreen
  • Natural methods of reducing body hair



  • Ayurvedic foot soak
  • Remedies for cracks, fungal infections, corns and calluses
  • Marmas on the feet for radiant health



Kerala Ayurveda Academy & Wellness Center

691 S. Milpitas Blvd Suite 206

Milpitas, CA 95035

This course will also be live streamed for our distant learners!



Please note tuition due at time of registration.


Early Bird Registration 

$295 $245 Students & Alumni

$345 $295 General Public



Email support@keralaayurveda.us for assistance