Continuing Education


Shine in the field of Ayurveda

Gain the practice and confidence you need in Ayurvedic assessment, formulations and clinical interactions. Kerala Ayurveda Academy’s continuing education programs support both the counselor/consultant and practitioner scopes of practice and are offered in a variety of formats for KAA alumni as well as graduates from other institutes.


Rooted in the ancient texts, the traditional teachings from Kerala, India are delivered for the modern Ayurvedic professional as both in-class and live streamed, online courses that are recorded for students' convenience. The majority of our programs are approved by the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) for Professional Ayurvedic Continuing Education (PACE) credits. You can learn more about NAMA's PACE initiative here.


Continuing Education Programs for All Levels


Ashtanga Hridayam | Live Streamed 15-Week Series

NAMA-approved 18 AHC, 20 AP/AD PACE credits


Ayurvedic Skin & Beauty | 3-Day In-Class & Live Streamed


Ayurvedic Assessment & Pulse Diagnosis | 3-Day In-Class & Live Streamed

NAMA-approved 18 AHC, 21 AP/AD PACE credits


Ayurvedic Formulation Making | 3-Day In-Class & Live Streamed

NAMA-approved 18 AHC, 21 AP/AD PACE credits


Panchakarma Technician Certification | 4-Day In-Class & Live Streamed

NAMA-approved 18 AHC, 28 AP/AD PACE credits



Continuing Education Programs for Practitioners


Clinical Mentoring Webinars | Monthly Tuesday Evenings

NAMA-approved 17 PACE credits for 12 sessions


U.S. Clinical Internship | 5-Day In-Class (50 Hours)

NAMA-approved 18 AHC, 38 AP/AD PACE credits


India Clinical Internship | 20-Day Trip (200 Hours)


Apprentice Program | 6 Months