India Internship

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Study in the birthplace of Ayurveda - Kerala, India

This 15 day internship to India is one of the most exciting and life-changing opportunities offered by Kerala Ayurveda Academy. To travel to India is to travel to birthplace of the Vedas, the oldest and most extensive source of Ayurvedic wisdom. This culture and its traditions have endured for millenniums.


Just as the timeless value of the Vedas has been preserved and honored, so has India honored and maintained much of their glorious architecture, traditions, crafts, clothing, cuisine and customs. You will have the unique experience of seeing ways of life that have remained intact for thousands of years.


The trip is designed to experience India, Ayurvedically and culturally. You will have the exciting opportunity to see first hand how Ayurveda is embraced and practiced with phenomenal results in a wide variety of applications.



Hands-on Clinical Training:
  • Opportunity to Shadow Doctors
  • Panchakarma Practicums
  • Botanical Tour of Medicinal Herbal Gardens
  • Clinical Interactions
  • Cooking Class
  • Therapeutic Yoga
Tours of:
  • Kerala Ayurveda Manufacturing Unit
  • Research & Development Wing
  • Natural & Cultural Attractions

Training Locations

  • AyurvedaGram Heritage Wellness Centre, Bangalore: a state of the art, 30-acre Ayurvedic herb plantation, clinic, Panchakarma center, restaurant, herb manufacturing pharmacy and library. Here you will receive Panchakarma body therapies, follow dinacharya, learn special Kerala oil applications, review live cases and learn practical solutions, and learn Ayurvedic yoga, meditation, Pranayama, and Ayurvedic cooking.
  • Kerala Ayurveda Health Village, Cochin Kerala: an opportunity to intern at our green leaf certified hospital, Aluva. This unique hospital accommodates up to forty patients at a time, all rendering Ayurvedic services. It offers doctor consultations, in house Ayurvedic formulations and over 45 Ayurvedic therapies. Here you will observe patients daily and prepare herbal formulas. Gaining a deeper understanding of the authentic practices of Kerala Ayurveda.



October 14-28, 2018 (15 Days)



In addition, there are several opportunities to visit Kerala’s Ayurveda’s facilities, expanding your experience and education. You will be lodged at our exclusive River Retreat, visit the Kerala Aurveda Manufacturing Unit compounding laboratories that make classical Ayurvedic remedies, and explore our Ayurvedic herbal gardens during Botanical Tours. Kerala Ayurveda supports the local agricultural community by having their herbs and spices organically grown on nearby farmland


Although this is a requirement for the Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner, our internship to India, as of all our internships, is open to students from comparable programs. 


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