Kerala Ayurveda Academy: Our Mission

Our mission: To integrate traditional Ayurvedic wisdom and healing with scientific research.

Our purpose: To serve as an authentic source of Ayurvedic education, research and community health care.

Our commitment: To bring the highest caliber of academic excellence to the U.S. and abroad.



Kerala Ayurveda Academy is committed to offering the highest quality of education and wellness services to our clients & students so that they may reach their fullest potential in life and health & become the finest Ayurvedic health practitioners and educators for the future.


Our aim is to maintain the authenticity of Ayurveda in the United States. Our curriculum is based on an Ayurvedic educational curriculum from Indian universities and is academically challenging and rewarding. Students will find studying at Kerala Ayurveda Academy intellectually stimulating and competitive.


The programs encompass all fields of Ayurveda including Ayurvedic philosophy, herbology, psychology, Ayurvedic Dosha imbalance management, research, clinical practice, and clinical application. We have assembled the most qualified and experienced faculty to teach Ayurvedic principles. Most faculty members have Ayurvedic degrees from prestigious universities in India and 15 to 30 years of clinical experience. With the Kerala Ayurveda Academy, feel assured that you will receive an authentic Ayurvedic education. The program coordinators at each location are supportive and eager to assist students in any way possible.