Ayurvedic Guidelines for a Health Spring

Stay balanced and prevent disease this season | Free Informational Webinar


with Suzanne Otterbein

National Enrollment Adviser

AWC, RYT-500


In this webinar, we'll overview:

  • Ayurvedic properties of the spring season
  • How to detect spring seasonal imbalances
  • Preventive care to stay healthy on all levels - mentally, physically & emotionally
  • Natural remedies for common spring imbalances such as allergies, fatigue, weight retention and sluggish metabolism


Prevent common spring transition imbalances so you can truly enjoy the season

Ayurvedic seasonal guidelines are designed to help your mind-body system transition through the change in your environment. We routinely adjust diet, lifestyle and daily routines throughout the year to maintain good health and prevent disease. In this free webinar, learn about the unique properties of the season according to Ayurvedic holistic philosophy. We'll then cover daily rituals and remedies to help you stay balanced. If you wish to prevent common spring woes and embrace the joy of springtime, sign up to join us for this educational event.




Free Webinar: Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor Program Overview

with Suzanne Otterbein, National Enrollment Adviser, AWC, RYT-500


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