Sleep is Not a Waste of Time

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with Dr. (Vaidya) Jayarajan Kodikannath

Kerala Ayurveda USA Director




In today’s busy, multitasking world, sleep often gets cut short. When the mind and body race all day from one thing to another, troubled sleep and insomnia can become a nightly reality. To compensate for lack of sleep, stimulants are commonly used to maintain energy and alertness. This creates a cycle of imbalance in the mind and body with a much deeper impact than you might realize.


Learn how sleep is one of the 3 Pillars of Life, and how you can make minor adjustments in your life to help gain maximum sleep with minimum effort!


You'll learn the Ayurvedic perspective on:

  • The importance of daily and nightly rituals for health
  • Benefits of sleep
  • Tips for cultivating healthy, restful sleep



Free Webinar: Sleep is Not a Waste of Time

with Dr. (Vaidya) Jayarajan Kodikannath, Kerala Ayurveda USA Director, BSc, BAMS


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