Dr. Rucha Kelkar

Education & Experience: 

Dr. Rucha Kelkar received her graduate degree from University of Pune, India and secured a top rank in all

three academic years of her Ayurvedic education. She is also a licensed physical therapist and has a master's

degree in physical therapy. Dr. Kelkar is an accomplished Ayurvedic practitioner and educator and provides

health consultations, panchakarma therapies and comprehensive workshops based on the authentic science

of Ayurveda. She is the director of "AyurblissTM" Ayurveda Wellness for Mind, Body and Spiritual Health. She

is also a writer for various Ayurvedic magazines and journals and will soon feature as an Ayurveda expert in a

documentary film on breast cancer. She has also been a featured presenter at the NAMA Conference on

multiple occasions.