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Our certification courses, workshops and continuing education programs are based on the root Vedic texts, providing an authentic source of Ayurvedic science in convenient formats - both in class and live streamed online.


Upcoming Programs & Events

Learn & Heal in the Heart of Ayurveda: India Immersion Program Overview


Summer 2018


Embark on an adventure into the world of Ayurveda in our 15 Day India Immersion trip next summer 2018 with Dr. Jayarajan Kodikannath & Dr. Sheena Sooraj! This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to explore India Ayurvedically and culturally with clinical experts in the field. From We'll cover everything you need to know in this informational webinar, including the Ayurvedic educational programs, tours, natural attractions, accommodations, fees and how to register.


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The Ayurvedic Approach to Cancer Prevention, Management and Recovery 

with Dr. Jayarajan Kodikannath, BAMS


Jan 31 - In Class & Live Streamed 


Learn from an Ayurvedic master to discover how the Ayurvedic principles of medicine can be used to support health against cancer.





Ashtanga Hridayam: Natural Medicinal Ingredients, Food Combining & Preserving

with Dr. Jayarajan Kodikannath


Begins Feb 21 - Live Streamed Series


Explore the root Vedic with an Ayurvedic Scholar as your guide. We chanting each sloka together and uncover the deepest meaning behind guidelines and principles of the ancient verses.


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Introduction to Sanskrit for Ayurveda

Approved PACE program by NAMA


Beginning March 12 - Live Streamed Series


Start fulfilling your dream of reading the Vedic texts in their native language. This program is designed for beginners to learn the basics of Sanskrit and begin reading texts like the Ashtanga Hridayam.


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Ayurvedic Formulation Making

Approved PACE program by NAMA


March 23-25, 2018 - In Class & Live Streamed


Learn to make 21 of the most popular Ayurvedic formulations right at home using the classical Ayurvedic recipes! 



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